Art Fag City at The L Magazine: Matthew Monahan, Armless and Aimless

by Paddy Johnson on November 26, 2010 The L Magazine

Anton Kern, Installation view

This week at the L Magazine I discuss the work of Matthew Monahan. The teaser below.

The longer a viewer looks at art, the clearer its merit typically becomes. For this reason, I don't believe first impressions are necessarily the right ones. There are always a few shows, though, that give this way of thinking a run for its money.

This week it was Matthew Monahan‘s fifth solo show at Anton Kern Gallery (through December 23). The exhibition is an explosion of sculptural and painted figuration referencing classical forms and I don’t tend to like that. To me, this approach can too easily rest on the laurels of art history—though I acknowledge that this criticism also allows me to disregard untrendy art like semi-academic figuration.

To read the full piece click here.

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