Seth Price: Non Speech, Fire & Smoke at Friedrich Petzel Gallery

by Will Brand on January 13, 2011 Reviews

Seth Price: Non Speech, Fire & Smoke
Venue: Friedrich Petzel Gallery535 West 22th Street

Seth Price, whose vacuum-packed essay-objects you might have caught at the New Museum’s Free, offers a series of eight music videos and three works on aluminum. The footage is a hodgepodge of material collected over the past decade, set over music and stories of Price’s own. The videos originally debuted on YouTube late last year, and what’s particularly interesting about the gallery transposition is Price’s insistence on maintaining YouTube’s conditions of display: videos get individually screened-off booths for one visitor at a time, and control of the player is ceded entirely to the viewer. It’s a welcome relief from the plethora of YouTube shows that just don’t get it, and a bit of awareness that evinces Price’s intelligence.

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