Wait No More: Bill ‘N’ Me Contest Winners Announced!

by Paddy Johnson on January 21, 2011 · 3 comments Opportunities

Bill 'n' Me: The Series

If the Internet has breath it’s been bated while waiting for the results of our Bill ‘n’ Me photoshop and meme contest. The first prize winner of this contest will win two tickets to tonight’s five-course “Feast for an Apocalypse”, Imeday Imeday Ollarday Icklenay. Second and third place take home a single ticket to the meal tonight on the show’s trademark levitating table.

We received many entries for this contest, so just what criteria did we use to determine our winners?

1. Meme success. Is the content of your photo likely to make it seen by more people, and how much work did you do to promote the image? In other words, did you Facebook the fuck out of your photo? Did you tweet your photo? Did you send it to Gawker? All of these actions bring you closer to being harassed by a man-goat at Allegra LaViola Gallery tonight.

2. Photoshopping skillz and originality. Points are awarded for skill and comedic value as well as just general originality.  There’s some overlap between this category and the last, since the better one does here the further the meme will travel.

And now, for what you’ve all been waiting for: The Winners!

Sean Capone will be greatly rewarded for his nudity!

FIRST PRIZE: SEAN CAPONE. Proving you do have to get naked to win a prize at AFC, Sean Capone lands the number one position in our Bill ‘N’ Me meme contest. This isn’t too much of a surprise given the number of Facebook likes the artist had received for image as of yesterday. Sealing the deal, Mr. Capone updated his profile once more, noting his lead and expanding number of likes (60 and counting). Well played, sir, well played!

SECOND PRIZE: JOHN POWERS. John Powers of Star Wars Modern clinches the second place prize for this Darth ‘n’ Bill twitter submission. For a blogger, he’s a little low on BLOG POSTS and Facebook updates, but he ruled the twittersphere. Of course, he may have also been the only contestant who submitted via Twitter, but that’s irrelevant. A few notable tweets from the great memer himself:

To be read in Darth Vader voice. For effect.

Compelling for its ordinariness? Now this is the stuff memes are made of!

Um? Documentation please!

Phil 'n' Bill

THIRD PRIZE: PHIL BUEHLER Alright, this was really close. Phil Beuhler is admittedly little light on the meme side of things – with 8ish Facebook comments and 2 Facebook likes – but the photo still gets points with us. So, too, does its submitted caption:

Most of my friends will recognize the photo as from my wedding in September, and of course that Bill was a guest. Although we had to cut him off from the bar before he got in trouble.

We hope Beuhler’s purple nipple recovers in time for dinner tonight!


Marina Galperina in Trololo costume with Bill

As a former AFC intern Marina Galperina doesn’t qualify to win this contest, but she gets an honorable mention anyway for her superior photoshop skillz and meta-memery. Anyone remember the Trololo guy from last year? (Edumication here). Galperina’s Bill ‘n’ Me image integrates her in Trololo costume with The President. And if there’s anyone Bill Clinton needs to meet it’s the Trololo guy.

Marina Galperina and the Trololo Guy

RUNNERS UP: LISA LEVY AND CAT WEAVER Submitting multiple contest photos curries favor around here. Congrats to Levy and Weaver whose tenacity gets a mention here.


Seancapone January 21, 2011 at 6:51 pm

The things a girl’s gotta do to get some dinnah in this town–

Jerrysaltz January 21, 2011 at 10:02 pm

Bummer! I did not know that the contest was over?
I wanted to be a “guest judge.” I have experience judging contests.
Well, great pics. Love ’em. So does Bill.
Way to keep the dice tumbling …
Jerry Saltz

Anonymous January 23, 2011 at 9:11 pm

We’ll invite you next time! Love your facebook wall right now — so many Bills!

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