Jacob Kassay, Robert Morris, Virginia Overton at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

by Will Brand on January 26, 2011 Reviews

Jacob Kassay, Robert Morris, Virginia Overton
Venue: Mitchell-Innes & Nash534 West 26th Street

There are some awesome Robert Morris works in this show; it’d be a recommended show for that reason alone. Virginia Overton has some excellent contributions, as well: a huge wooden triangle in the middle of the gallery has great presence; a work made of sheetrock mud has a creepy, palpable texture; there’s the smartest fluorescent bulb work we’ve seen in a while. Jacob Kassay contributes a series of monochrome canvases that are arguably the weakest in the show, but no slouches in their own right. Most importantly, Mitchell-Innes & Nash have done a superb job of presenting the works; there’s a feeling of continuity and a real relationship, but they’re also visually stunning. Catch this before it ends!

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