Kenneth Noland at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

by Will Brand on April 14, 2011 · 1 comment Reviews

Kenneth Noland
Venue: Mitchell-Innes & Nash534 West 26th Street
AFC’s Rating: 9/10 (Will Brand)

Kenneth Noland’s work shouldn’t be a surprise: he’s been around forever, he’s been in every museum that matters, and a lot of what needed to be said about him was said 50 years ago. Still, walking into Mitchell-Innes & Nash, the quality of some of the canvases on display was stunning. Orange and Blue, a diamond-shaped work near the entrance, is a clear standout; the rigidity of the colors gives it a magical sense of motion before the eyes, and I found it difficult to look at the work for any length of time for fear of it expanding, spinning, or jumping off the wall. Some works are weaker—In-Sight just got on my nerves—but generally this is surprisingly good work for a gallery show of a Modernist artist. You won’t learn anything new here, but the experience is more than worth a visit.

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