Marc Handelman at Sikkema Jenkins

by Will Brand on April 14, 2011 Reviews

Marc Handelman
Venue: Sikkema Jenkins & Co.530 West 22nd Street
AFC’s Rating: 6/10 (Will Brand)

“Geological Sketches at Home and Abroad”, Marc Handelman’s current show at Sikkema Jenkins, tells us what we already knew: he’s a fantastic painter. In the “Dimension Stone” series that makes up most of the show, beautiful cross-sections of not-quite-mineral and stone exist in various stages of fracture; it’s the artist’s obvious ability to sew the slices together that makes it so convincing when he rips them apart, and up close they’re great. Stepping back, however, they’re unlikely to pull you from the other side of the room, and the one mixed-media projection work in the show feels unfinished and, frankly, boring. Handelman may well put it all together sometime soon, but he’s not there yet. Still, it’s worth a look, as it’s easily one of the more interesting shows in Chelsea right now.

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