Forget in Ten Parts, Part 10: Aesthetics of weariness, or Lauren Lancaster is in Kabul

by Guy Forget on April 15, 2011 · 1 comment Forget in Ten Parts

Forget in Ten Parts is a ten-part weekly series by AFC's Curatorial Fellow, Guy Forget, focusing on the aesthetics of impermanence. For the final post, Brooklyn-based photographer Lauren Lancaster shares some pictures from her current trip to Kabul, where she is working on a photo project on young Afghanis.

Somaie, 21, with her niece. After spending several years in Iran, Somaie moved back to Kabul, eventually paying a smuggler in an attempt to reach Europe. She was caught, detained for a month in a Turkish prison and deported back to Kabul. She is looking for another opportunity to leave Afghanistan.

Lauren Lancaster‘s photographs have appeared in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Time, Newsweek, Le Monde 2, Courrier Japon, among other publications. After nearly three years in Abu Dhabi, Lauren is currently based in New York. She grew up in Somerville, NJ.

All pictures courtesy of Lauren Lancaster and were taken in Kabul, Afghanistan, 2011.

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