Robert Whitman’s Passport at Dia Beacon

by Paddy Johnson on April 26, 2011 Posting Notice

Robert Whitman's Passport at Dia just before the storm

Last weekend I checked out Robert Whitman’s performance Passport at Dia Beacon. I’m still working out what I think about this piece — the weather was less than stellar and prevented almost all note taking — but the flaming boat moving across the water was pretty stunning. A return trip is in order.

I have a few deadlines to attend to today, but in the meantime, a few pictures from the weekend. None include either the boat or the late appearance of a white horse. This was a reflective surface that proved too great for my point and shoot camera to surmount.

Robert Whitman's Passport at The Dia. Cast shovel a pile of dirt furiously with the help of a caterpiller

Robert Whitman's Passport at The Dia. Flags are slowly unfurled in the wind.

Robert Whitman's Passport. A silent moment.

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