Art Fag City To Kill The World Series of Tubing This Saturday

by Paddy Johnson on May 3, 2011 · 1 comment Events

Paddy Johnson meets Burning Man

The World Championship of Youtubing is once more upon us. Hosted this time at The Museum of the Moving Image as part of Signal to Noise, this great sporting event asks contestants to pit their favorite internet videos against one another. Audience members vote by shining laser pointers on the bullseye aligned with their favorite video.

This year I have been invited back to reclaim my throne. As some of you may remember, I competed in Eyebeam‘s 2009 tubing contest, winning all rounds but for the last. I beat out all the pros only to be defeated by a dude drawn from the audience and affectionately dubbed “Burning Man” by the crowd! This year, visitors will once more be invited to compete for a chance to play the pros.

This year’s list of pros is impressive. I’ll be butting heads with artist and founder Ryder Ripps, former Rocketboom and Know Your Meme producer Elspeth Rountree and tumblr superstar Peter Berkman. I’m not combing the Internet every day for rad videos, and this is serious competition, so I’ve enlisted AFC staff to help me out (read: Will fucking Brand). Look out people. I’ve got videos that will CRUSH the competition.

The World Series of Tubing was founded and developed by Aaron Meyers and Jeff Crouse.

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