Reporting Live From Denmark! The Kopenhagen Contemporary Art Weekend Begins

by Paddy Johnson on September 1, 2011 · 1 comment Events

A Copenhagen dock and storage facility designed by the architecture firm B.I.G.

This weekend I report live from Copenhagen Denmark during the Kopenhagen Contemporary Art Weekend (September 1-4). What’s to be learned of the Copenhagen art scene? I’m in the process of picking that up, but so far I’ve heard its hard for artists to engage the larger community here — city dwellers prefer engineering and architecture — so it can be a tough time for the art lovers living in the area.

The art weekend is organized by Wonderful Copenhagen and the Kopenhagen Art Institute in collaboration with the 50 of the city's galleries and museums. I knocked off two on that list today — the National Gallery of Denmark and Andersens Contemporary — which means I should reasonably be able to anticipating viewing the other 48 over the next two days. Just try to keep up with my updates on twitter!

Meanwhile, come Saturday 11 am, I’ll be participating in the social media panel discussion with Laura Jul, social media developer, Copenhagen (Denmark), Mark Rappolt, Art Review, London (UK), Asbjørn Poulsen, Hello Monday, Copenhagen (Denmark) and Via remote link Angelina Russo, Museum3, Melbourne (AUS). I won’t be tweeting that, but I’m guessing Hyperallergic’s @hragv and @veken have that covered.

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M-KOS September 2, 2011 at 2:53 am

Perhaps you can have a chat with David at David Risley Gallery who moved to KPH from London’s hot spot, Vyner Street  in 2009? if you want to find out about “it can be a tough roe for the art lovers living in the area.” Have a fab time and tell us all about it!

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