Another Masterpiece: Amy Yao Collaborates with JF & Son

by Paddy Johnson on September 13, 2011 Blurb

"Another Masterpiece!!" poster image -- photographed by David Benjamin Sherry and Michele Abeles, featuring Lisa Jo (in Another Masterpiece!! dress) and ikebana work by Carissa Rodriguez

Every year a few artists interested in fashion and deemed profitable by clothing retailers collaborate for Fashion Week. I’m not sure the results are all that interesting, but photos are usually good and I like glam shots of artists. As such, we dedicate this decidedly frivolous post to JF & Son and Amy Yao, who together have launched the artist’s new collection “Another Masterpiece”. [Update: JF & Son regularly collaborates with artists throughout the year – much like Printed Matter — so this post isn’t quite as frivolous as I’ve suggested.] Artists David Benjamin Sherry, Michele Abeles, Lisa Jo and Carissa Rodriguez and graphic designer Geoff Han joined forces on “souvenir” items, such as photo prints, posters and a postcard also. A couple of images:

Via: JF & Son

The similarities to this piece and dress above are pretty obvious.

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