The Best Work in Miami (for Perverts), Pizza, Guns, and Strip Clubs

by Will Brand on December 1, 2011 Opportunities

Jeppe Hein's floor mirror at Nicolai Wallner's booth, Art Basel Miami Beach

Our reader survey last month revealed just how many of our visitors self-identify as perverts. If you’re one of that sizeable minority, and you’re in Miami, there’s no excuse not to make your way over to Nicolai Wallner’s booth to catch sneaky glimpses at some 1% snatch with this floor mirror by Jeppe Hein- and yes, we’ve mentioned him three times today. Deal with it. If staring at the floor is too obvious for you, try staring at the Lucio Fontana-like ripped foil pieces over on the right side of the booth and you might be able to get an angle that works; besides which, those pieces on their own look like robot vaginas anyway.

In other news, we just came across this incredible map at, which  maps out Google searches for “pizza”, “gun”, and “strip club” across America. Some of them make sense – New York likes pizza, Texas likes guns – but there are some mysteries here, too. Why does North Augusta, SC like strip clubs so much more than, say, gun-mad Columbia, just up I-20? Lots of opportunities for future research, here.

Amazing. Click through for the full-size map.

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