This Christmas, Paint With Your Dick

by Whitney Kimball on December 1, 2011 Best Link Ever!

Love Is Art kit

Here’s another great stocking stuffer for us art lovers. The Love Is Art kit is branded as a “sophisticated alternative” to “fuzzy handcuffs” and “candy panties.” So instead of spending thousands on a painting of tits and dongs this year (those links are not even close to work-safe), we panty-eating residents of Ikea’s showroom can simply spend $40 to paint with tits and dongs. Love Is Art promises an artwork which “wouldn’t look out of place on a gallery wall.”

Result of Love is Art

You only get one color, and just going by this photo, maybe don’t go for brown, yeah?

We couldn’t have put it better than the copywriter: “Inspired by Yves Klein’s abstract expressionism and Andy Warhol’s performance art, Love Is Art puts the ‘ass’ in ‘high class art.'”

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