Looking Back at Art Basel Miami 2011

by Paddy Johnson on December 6, 2011 Art Fair

Pink Snails on Miami Beach. Photo by Eric Demarcq

What happened last week while we were at South Beach Miami? We’ll leave out the details of our living quarters for the week — that’s a long tale for another day — but in case you missed some of our posts last week we’ve linked them up below with short summaries. Now you’ll never be short on pictures, fair coverage, and commentary. You also won’t be short of AFC’s Will Brand, who took the pervert watch this year.

Art Basel Special: Keith Haring on the Art Market.
A Basel primer from Keith Haring’s Journals.

Art Basel: Strong Opening for The One Percent
The title tells this story.

The Best Work in Miami (for Perverts), Pizza, Guns, and Strip Clubs
Jeppe Hein never lets us down.

Art Basel Miami Slide Show
The best, worst, and most mysterious works at Art Basel.

Excitement Permeates The Deauville as NADA Grows
NADA makes gains as many galleries return to the fair from Art Basel.

NADA: The SlideShow
Ooooh. Pictures!

SEVEN Slideshow: Fluxus Maps, Gonads, and a Giant Salon Style Wall
Ooooh. Gonads!

Death to the White Cube. SEVEN
What makes SEVEN different? These dealers believe art shouldn’t come in cubes.

PULSE Slideshow: Paintings of Horses and a Collectors’ Pen.
PULSE’s 90-plus booths gave us five million pictures to post. The fair itself was mediocre.

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