There’s Still Shit Left To Do In December

by Whitney Kimball on December 8, 2011 Events

Still from Paul Chan's 2009 "Sade for Sade's Sake." (Photo from

Passively Allow Paul Chan To Answer Life’s Questions For You

New Museum Theater: A Proposition by Paul Chan (two lectures). 235 Bowery. Friday, Dec 9th, 7:00 PM, and Saturday, Dec 10th 3:00 PM. $8.

Paul Chan, perhaps best known for his pioneering staging of Waiting For Godot in New Orleans and his video Sade for Sade’s Sake will give two lectures at the New Museum this week. On Friday he will discuss the question “Wht is lawlessness?” and “Wht is a book?” on Saturday.

Ian Cheng, "Bigger Than Your Blog," 2011

Turn Off Your Over-Analytical Inner Monologue, For Once

Mitchell-Innes & Nash. December. 534 W 26th Street. December 10th — January 21st, 2012.

Mitchell-Innes & Nash is having a big group show of big-name painters, sculptors, and photographers: Jessica Stockholder, Jean Dubuffet, Cheryl Donegan, and Lucky Debellevue to name a few. All of the artists in this exhibition, organized by artist Howie Chen, share a clunky off-beatness and a willingness to get childish (am thinking Debellevue’s pipe cleaner icicles and Dubuffet’s flat heads) which should mesh well together.


Watch Your Brother’s Expert Friend Do The Hard Levels, Part One

New Museum TheaterThe Kill Screen Dialogues. 235 Bowery. Friday, December 16th,  7:00 PM.

Rhizome is presenting conversations between video game designers and new media artists, intended to demonstrate that video games and culture are not exclusive.  Such crossover between game and art is evidenced in many of their works; Mary Flanagan’s and Tabor Robak’s videos come to mind. Every one on this list is worth listening to: Dave Mark and Mary Flanagan will discuss artificial intelligence; Tabor Robak and Katherine Isbister on the feeling of digital objects; Casey Reas and Andy Nealen on games as space.



Watch Your Brother’s Expert Friend Do The Hard Levels, Part Two

Eyebeam Open Studios. 540 W 21st St. December 16th — 17th, 3:00 – 6:00 PM.

If that’s not enough technology for you, Eyebeam is hosting open studios for its fellows and residents. Past affiliates include a lot of people we like – Aram Bartholl, Cory Arcangel, MTAA, Brooke Singer, Michael Frumin – so we’re betting it’ll be worthwhile.

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