Art Fag City at The L Magazine: All I Want For Christmas

by Paddy Johnson on December 9, 2011 The L Magazine

Two of William Pope L's prints available on 20x200

I'm getting my art Christmas list in order. The L Magazine/Art Fag City office gifts I'll skip — our water polo caps won't be particularly relevant here — but the schwag I've got set up for the art kids are all yours.

Flux Factory Not So Silent Benefit
Spend $125 dollars and get a limited edition silkscreen by Bushwick artist Man Bartlett and a ticket to Long Island City non-profit art space Flux Factory's benefit auction on December 20. That includes a chance to land works by artists like Dasha Shiskin, Mark Dion or The Yes Men. Take home some great art while supporting a worthy organization that supports collaborative practices through their residency and exhibition programs.

As it happens, I'm being honored at Flux Factory's benefit auction along with Creative Time curator Nato Thompson, so I'm not exactly impartial. But given that the cause is a good one, I trust readers will look past the plug.

Art Prints!
A little known secret can be found on 20×200 and his name is William Pope.L The widely lauded artist still has plenty of prints to be bought from the website from his suite of three text-based prints. The more racially charged the piece, the higher its price: “Blue People are the Future” ($50), “Red People Are From Mars, Green People are From New Jersey” ($100) and “White People are the Future” ($500). As of this writing, only one buyer's picked up the final piece, which makes me a little sad.

Read the full piece here.

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