Madonna Is World Leader and Tumblr Needs Writers

by Art Fag City on February 6, 2012 Massive Links

  • Discussions over defense cuts have been significantly eased after Madonna’s sudden announcement of world peace at Superbowl XLVI. She’s done it. It’s over. [YouTube]
  • Following the sudden suicide of Mike Kelley, a memorial to the artist has appeared, spontaneously, at Tipton Way in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Replicas of the installations “Wages of Sin” and “More Love Hours” poignantly testify to the reach of Kelley’s influence among working artists and non-famous fans. [LA Weekly]
  • A student-led organization “Rags Over the Arkansas River” is still working to shut down a Christo project that would involve suspending large swaths of cloth over the river for 42 miles. Who would’ve thought that contemporary land artists and environmental activists would still find something to disagree about? [Reuters]
  • With 42 million Tumblrs in operation, the mini-blogging site has the population of Mexico City, Chicago, Bangkok, and Santiago, Chile combined. Like any big city, they deserve a local paper, and now they’re hiring writers and editors to build one. [NYT]
  • Meow! Nap! Hiss! Kill a mouse! Turn into a dog! These are all things you can do in ChatChat, a new low-tech MMO game where you get to be a cat. We have a feeling this one might cat-ch on. [Kongregate]
  • The denim-shirt-under-sport-coat look has been buried somewhere under a rock in the 1990s – until now. This look has been making the rounds at the Italian fashion shows – watch out for this look at the Armory. [Mister Mort]
  • News flash: unpaid internships are a grossly inequitable feature of the American labor system. Says one commenter: “Unpaid internships are good training. They prepare students for the lifetime of exploitation they face in the future. (Assuming they can get and keep a job.)” [NYT]

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