Voting is Open for the Rob Pruitt Art Awards

by Art Fag City on February 14, 2012 AFCRPAAaA*

Fantastic news for people who like to vote for things! The Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction* Reader’s Choice Nominations — til now the exclusive domain of our newsletter readers — is now open to all. This is your big chance to choose your favorite art world personalities. Who is the Best Jerry? Who has the Best Genitals? Who keeps pulling a Franco and popping up everywhere for no discernable good reason? Now, you can cast your vote and help us settle this – in less time than it takes to tell your girlfriend you love her.

Readers who doubt that their votes will make a difference should take note of some of the front-runners, all of which were write-in nominees. Among these are digital darling Lorna Mills, who, in the past few hours, has pulled ahead as Best Procrastinator by a considerable margin. Meanwhile, Ross “the Bulk” Bleckner now leads as the art world’s most Powerful Person by Bench Press, followed closely by fellow Dominic “Quads” Quagliozzi and Rob “Let’s Do It” Pruitt. Could Peter Hionas, “fitness guru to the art elite“, be far behind?

The nominees with the most votes at 6pm, Wednesday, February 15th will be submitted to our esteemed panel of judges: William Powhida, Jen Dalton, and Anton Vidokle. Before that happens, we need to hear your voice.

*No affiliation with Rob Pruitt.

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