A Golden Pig Fountain and Fresh-Picked Silver Fruit: Your AFCRPAAaA* Dinner

by Will Brand on February 21, 2012 AFCRPAAaA*

Artist's rendition

As Napoleon said, an army marches on its stomach. So how are we planning to keep our brigades moving this Thursday, at the Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Awards and Auction*? With an aerial pig fountain and a tree of golden meat.

It’s the latest performance from Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, and it has us psyched. You might remember Catron and Outlaw from our coverage of Imeday Imeday Ollarday Ickelnay, their dinner party-cum-exhibition at Allegra LaViola a year ago. That feast, you may recall, featured a celebrity chef, a hydraulic table, a character we referred to as “Scooter Barbarian,” and the rebirth of a chicken – a significant moment in one fowl’s life, cruelly overshadowed by the surrounding festivities. It was a riot, it was beautiful, and you probably missed it, because the dinner was held for just a few select nights, last year, at $99 a head.

Or maybe you remember the artists from their Fish Fry Truck and Crayfish Boil, which got just a little bit of attention from the food press for serving “heaping”, “superlative” catfish po’boys, fried pickles, and boiled crawdads from a truck. Exactly how good was it? Good enough that the food reporters all forgot to mention it was performance art.

They’re that good, and they’re at our benefit. For the AFCRPAAaA*, Catron and Outlaw will man food preparation stations specializing in silver-coated fruit and gold-covered meat, respectively, ensuring you get a balanced meal. The fruit, we’re told, will be fresh-picked from the gallery walls, and the meat will apparently come from a pig fountain. We think. To be honest, we don’t quite know what a pig fountain is.

So here it is: every time Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw have served us food, it’s been delicious. Every time they’ve performed, we’ve been amazed. We couldn’t be happier that they’re feeding us again, and we want them to feed you, too. So buy a ticket!

*Now affiliated with Rob Pruitt

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