Free Bouncy Rides, at No Charge: Your AFCRPAAaA* Entertainment

by Will Brand on February 21, 2012 AFCRPAAaA*

Free Bouncy Rides at the 14th Street station, last year.

You probably know a few things about the Art Fag City Rob Pruitt Art Awards and Auction* already: you know about the awards; you know you’ll be fed by the golden pig fountain of Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw; and you know you’ll be bidding on relationship advice from Genesis P-Orridge and the chance to have Greg Allen re-enact Richard Prince’s court testimony with a troupe of actors, live, in your home.

And if you know any of that, you know we aren’t going to pull punches with the entertainment:

Exclusively for the AFCRPAAaA*, Nate Hill will be performing his Free Bouncy Rides, one last time, this Thursday night. What is it? Exactly what you’d think: absolutely free bouncy rides, for one or more, on a dolphin’s knee (yeah, the last part threw us, too). It’s fun, but it’s also worrying – an uncomfortable not-quite-anything that plays with the tension between adult rules and kid rules. It’s a performance he has ended, after two years of constant appearances on subway platforms around the city, and he’s bringing it back just for us.

We think it’s fitting: largely anonymous fun with vaguely sexual overtones, as art-as-public-service, is a large part of what we do. So educate yourself about Nate Hill: read the essay he wrote for us last summer; watch the documentation from his latest, excellent performance, White Ambassador; and then, when you realize you don’t want to miss this, grab a ticket and we’ll see you at the Awards. Nate’s performing until 7:30.

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