[Sponsor] The Avant/Garde Diaries invites you to Transmission LA: AV Club Curated by Mike D

by Sponsors on April 2, 2012 Sponsor

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a digital portrait magazine that invites leading creatives to talk about the cutting edge of art, design, fashion, music and film.

In each digital portrait, featured diarists are asked to introduce someone or something they consider to be ahead of their time. The result is a collection of very personal snapshots that celebrate new ways of thinking and spread inspiration. Be sure to check out the complete video portrait library at theavantgardediaries.com.

TRANSMISSION LA: AV CLUB Curated by Mike D, 20th of April — 6th of May 2012

Mike D of the Beastie Boys has invited artists and musicians to create a 17-day festival in Los Angeles. The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA will be the meeting point for the international avant-garde, including Benjamin Jones, Mike Mills, Tom Sachs, Lauren Mackler from Public Fiction, Sage Vaughn, Isaac from Still House Group, Peter Coffin, Roy Choi and Will Fowler. Exhibitions, concerts, DJ nights, performances and installations will make the festival an extraordinary audiovisual experience.

Find out more at avantgardediaries.com or at facebook.com/avantgardediaries

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