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Go! Push Pops studio

NAME: GO! Push Pops
STUDIO: 88 Starr St. #3L
TIME IN BROOKLYN: Diamond 7 years, Crystal 4 years

[Editors’ Note: This coming weekend, we’ll be touring Brooklyn for GO Open Studios, an event in which visitors vote on which artist they feel deserves an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. As a service to both ourselves and other readers, we’ve scoured the event’s pages for the most promising studios and then sent those artists an email with a few questions about their work. The following posts relay what they told us.]

This weekend, the performance and video art troupe Go! Push Pops will bring their wacky, sexy, hip-hop lifestyle to GO. They’re doing something slightly less sexy this weekend—they’re going goth—which seems fitting because that’s what the kids are into nowadays, right?

How many members do you have?

We are Elisa Garcia de la Huerta and Katie Cercone, aka Crystal and Diamond, our official Push Pop nom de guerres. We are co-directors and for each project we collaborate with a guest artist upon our invitation. In the past we have worked with Irvin Morazan, Matt Stone, Milena Shakujō, and Andrea Bonin, to name a few.

What are you guys doing for GO?

For GO we are premiering a very special new work called the Corpse Limb Cult, a Black Metal//Pagan//Nu-Age//Rainbow illness of an abomination we enacted in Forest Park, Queens this summer in collaboration with our beloved Cult Leader Sharod Andrews. This is a totally new direction for us especially since it’s pretty dark and UGLY…

If feminism had a color, what would it be, and why? You guys use a lot of pink…

Yes we do love PINK. And I think many other feminists have adopted this color in the past for instance Code Pink, a feminist anti-war coalition.

Where’s Push Porn, your “Lesbian-gangster-erotica” film? Can we post it?

You can watch the Push Porn trailer on YouTube and post away! We’re also selling bootleg copies of the full length version at GO for $10 a pop.

Where are you from? What’s your background?

Crystal was born in Santiago, Chile and is of Chilean nationality. Diamond is California-born of Italian, Irish, and Scandinavian blood.

Are you showing your work in galleries?

No shame in that! Thursday, Sep 6th we’re performing with the Chilean installation artist Maria Jose Duran Steinman as part of the Savoir-Faire Salon Series at Soho20 Gallery in Chelsea. Our biggest break in the art world so far was performing our Yoga Hip Hop Fusion Bulimic Flow during Amy Smith-Stewart’s Campaign at C24.

Why are you participating in GO?

We are d.i.y. and got our start in the arena of free public art festivals. We believe in accessibility, community, and the pure creative freedom alternative spaces provide. Some of our best projects have been during an open studio at Diamond’s house, and there are still holes in the wall and junk falling out of her couch to prove it. We’re also going to win the Brooklyn Museum show, yess!!

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GO see my studio during GO BROOKLYN ART

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