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by Leighann Morris on September 6, 2012 Fresh Links!

Reincarnated, a documentary following Snoop Dogg transform into Snoop Lion, opens this week at TIFF.

  • Warning! It’s fashion week again. Previously acceptable areas of Manhattan will be flooded with unacceptable fashionistas. Avoid. [HuffingtonPost]
  • AFC’s Paddy Johnson is teaching a class! Do you want to write about art? Enroll, and she’ll teach you. [tumblr]
  • Apparently no fewer than 128 people completed Damien Hirst’s “spot challenge” back in January. 128. They’ll get their prints soon, but more importantly, what the hell, people? [The Art Newspaper]
  • Photographer Juozas Cernius, who’s taken his share of pretty pictures for this blog from around the world, is looking to fund a project documenting the work of aid groups in Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. He’s raising the money through IndieGoGo, and then giving the proceeds back to aid organizations. It’s a good thing to do for the world, and maybe you should help him out. [London Free Press]
  • This week, AFC’s Paddy Johnson will be at the Toronto International Film Festival. In anticipation of TIFF, Indiewire has realized 25 films they are looking forward to. Are you excited about seeing Keira Knightley trying to do Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina justice? Us neither. We’re looking forward to The ABC’s of Death, comprised of short horror films by 26 directors. Each was assigned a letter of the alphabet and accompanying word, leaving it up to the director to come up with a short story of death. GNARLY. [Indiewire]
  • Anyone going to TIFF must watch the premiere of Reincarnated, an Andy Capper documentary made about Snoop Dogg embracing rastafarian culture/smoking lots of weed in Jamaica. Anyone not going must watch this trailer. [Youtube]
  • Wanna see Putin in a little white suit, hand-gliding over Siberia to “help endangered cranes begin their migration to wintering grounds in Iran and India”? Now you can! [Animal New York]
  • The Walker had an Internet Cat Video Festival and we were really excited. The “people’s choice” cat video winner was revealed last week, and now we’re disappointed. Existential feline Henri 2, Paw De Deux won out of the thousands of entries, that included Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat. AFC’s Paddy Johnson has something to say about the unexpected result. [Digitallife]
  • James Panero writes about how punk rock influenced Pussy Riot and Ai Weiwei. In a nutshell: “While at times misused within Western culture, … when employed against oppressive regimes [punk] can be potent.” [The Wall Street Journal]

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