MOCA Gets Three New Board Members

by Whitney Kimball on April 10, 2013 Breaking!

Stanley Gold on the cover of The Jewish Journal

The Baer Faxt reports that MOCA’s artist board members John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha, Catherine Opie, and Barbara Kruger have been replaced by CEOs Stanley Gold (reported to have made massive reforms to the board at LA’s Jewish Federation in 2008) and Bruce Karatz (recently sentenced to five years’ probation for manipulating stock values) and attorney Orna Amir Wolens. The museum has yet to make an official announcement, but this follows recent news that the museum has been promised donations which would increase its endowment to a record $60 million, of its $100 million goal. Assuming an interest rate of 4%, the endowment would generate almost 30% of its 2012-13 operating budget of $14.3 million. All this is to say, as William Powhida put it, the museum’s “still fucked financially.” Stay tuned…

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