[Sponsor] Drop City Documentary to Screen at MoMA PS1 This Saturday

by Paddy Johnson on June 20, 2013 Sponsor

This Saturday, June 22nd, come to the Rockaways and experience a FUN and FREE lecture and special screening of the documentary DROP CITY in the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 community center as part of EXPO 1: New York.

Drop City, a community that celebrated creative work is visually defined by dazzling structures based on Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes and the crystalline designs of Steve Baer. The Droppers had little building experience, but they were full of ingenuity and exuberance.

The story is told through interviews, beautiful hand-drawn animation, and photos and films that were mostly shot by artists and filmmakers who lived at DROP CITY.​

The event will begin around 7:30 pm, so hop on the A train (or hop off the beach!), head to the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 on Beach 94th Street and Shore Front Parkway.

I had the pleasure to meet Clark Richert, one of the founders of the city, at a recent lecture I gave at Rocky Mountain College of Art, and just from that short interaction, I was able to get a sense of the creative energy behind the project. Richert is an open, democratic teacher, whereby all ideas are greeted with equal enthusiasm. My experience left me yearning for more background on the City that informs his perspective.

For more information visit www.dropcitydoc.com

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