The Bargain Hunter Paradise at a Closing Art Store

by Ian Marshall on June 25, 2013 Opportunities

O Pratt Store, who will make us check our bags in a locker now?

Good fortune has fallen upon New York based artists looking for deals on art supplies.  The Pratt Art Store (located at the corner of Myrtle and Emerson) will continue its outrageous liquidation sale, offering up art supplies at 80% off (!). Closing this Friday, June 28th (a full two days earlier than originally announced), a lot of the higher-end items have already been snatched up by more frugal shoppers, so don’t come looking bargain deals on Belgian linen or stretcher bars. Do come looking for paper, frames, and spray paint. Also, brown tempera paint, styrofoam balls, and a rainbow assortment of yarn. We took pictures of everything notable still in stock, so you know what you’ll be getting into at Pratt.

Could it be true?

Most of the oil paint left in the store is green and confined to these boxes. Tree painters rejoice!

The somewhat disorganized but dirt cheap paper selection is the winning deal at the store, with plenty of vellum, cardboard, and decorative paper still available.

Some (potentially spoiled) tempera paint left behind affirms painters like orange, brown, and yellow the least of all colors. Now available for mere cents.

Pratt store still has plenty of spray paint. Not sure what this says about the store's demographics, except perhaps that graffiti artists aren't storming the location... yet.

Many items are branded with the Pratt logo—mugs, shot glasses, hats—you get the picture. These items should be great for those with a burning need for more coffee cups, or the fundraising department at Pratt.

Anyone need some ribbon? It's only 60% off because the store doesn't classify it as an "art supply". Quick, someone talk to the staff about artist Bunny Rogers!

Cheap notebooks! Like, so cheap I bought one while I was taking pictures. $5 for a Five-Star five subject notebook is a good deal; they're normally twice as much.

The store still has a wide variety of frames available, ranging from sensible black frames to downright garish gold ones. Either way, many are only $3 (like a black frame for an 8x10)

These kitschy posters marked down from $30-$50 to below $10 are less expensive than the blank canvases at some stores. I suppose it's a little late for this lesson: know your audience.

Attention, knitters: the full spectrum of yarn is still available at the Pratt Store. 

These styrofoam pieces still remind me of 4th grade solar system projects, but now that they are 80% off, it suddenly seems like I might be able to find a use for them.

Also available: shelves and shelves of textbooks on anything from art history to woodworking to web design and self help. Don't wait too long on this sale; you're gonna get stuck with "how to sell yourself".

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