Migrating Forms Returns This December

by Corinna Kirsch on August 21, 2013 Opportunities

Oliver Laric, "Versions," 2012.

Heads up filmmakers and artists: Migrating Forms is soliciting film and video work for their 2013 run.

Run by the former directors of the New York Underground Film Festival, Migrating Forms has grand ambitions: It seeks to be New York’s greatest film festival for experimental filmmakers and moving image artists making work ready for theatrical screenings. The festival returns for its fifth year this December, and through September 20th, they’re accepting submissions.

If selected, you’ll join the ranks of talented artists and filmmakers like Oliver Laric, Phil Collins, Cao Fei, Shana Moulton, Jean Luc-Godard, and Amie Siegel. You should apply and Migrating Forms makes that very easy. Just send them a link to your work. In film festival world, it’s practically unheard of.

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