The Yes Men Strike Again

by Whitney Kimball on August 23, 2013 Newswire

The Yes Men have struck again. On Wednesday, the performance artists/activists/pranksters posed as the Russian company Gazprom, and sent what appears to be a drugged-up polar bear to the city of Amsterdam, as a token of their appreciation to Shell.

The prank refers to Shell’s recent partnership with Gazprom, a Russian state-owned corporation which is exploring the possibilities of Arctic drilling, and brands around eco-friendliness. According to a Yes Men press release, the bear was paraded with a Russian child superstar and a colorful marching band, through the city’s canals to the zoo, where it was then rejected by zoo security and Amsterdam police. You can still peruse the Yes Men’s mock polar partners site, and make a talking bear card. No word on what happened to the actual polar bear.

Moby then tweeted the video because it rips off his music.

some company used my music without permission, and wtf are they doing to this poor polar bear?? @mishathemachine

— moby (@thelittleidiot) August 21, 2013

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