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by Whitney Kimball on November 14, 2013 Opportunities

"hope57.jpg" from Chris Collins' "Letter to Ron Tye"

Get ready for the return of Art F City’s essay series IMG MGMT! We’re excited. Joining some of this year’s invited artists (who include Phillip Andrew LewisKatie Bell, and Jack Early) we also opened this round up to reader submissions.

Created by Art Fag City founder Paddy Johnson in 2008, the series has been influencing people all over the world, thanks to contributors like Martha Rosler, VVORK, Shana Moulton, Michael Mahalchick, Petra Cortright, Lorna Mills, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Roger White and Dushko Petrovich, and Anton Vidokle. Don’t underestimate its continuing significance. This year, Artinfo ranked Jon Rafman’s “Nine Eyes of Google Streetview” project (which appeared first as an IMG MGMT) number 13 out of 25 “Most Iconic” artworks of the last five years. So you’ll definitely want to read what’s next, or else risk personal irrelevance.

While you wait, here’s some of the past inventory:


Transience, Sara Ludy
A Letter to Ron Tye, Chris Collins
Backupzz, Paul B. Davis
Before/After, 2009-Present, A. L. Steiner
ARTSCENTER TALKSOURCE, Dushko Petrovich + Roger White


New Century Modern Surface Magazine, Josh Kline
The Cube Show, Deborah Kass
Untitled, Sean Raspet
New York Conversations (Day One), Anton Vidokle
L.M. vs. Leni R., Lorna Mills
Squiggles, Trees, Ribbons and Spirals: My Collection of Women’s Health, Beauty and Support Group Logos as the Stages of Life in Semi-Particular Order, Shana Moulton
Molla Nasreddin: The Magazine That Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, Slavs and Tartars
A Tour of the Monuments of Ridgewood, Queens, Jennifer Sullivan
What Relational Aesthetics Can Learn From 4Chan, Brad Troemel
My Life and Synchronicity With The Wu Tang (Symbol), Peter Sullivan


Teen Image, Seth Price
Hubris/Nemesis/Whatever, AIDS 3D
Woman In Kitchen, Martha Rosler
Turbo Sculpture, VVORK
With Attachments 9/19/02-6/04/06, Michael Mahalchick
The Nine Eyes of Google Street View, Jon Rafman
Teppich des Lebens, Claudia Wieser
Life As A Woman, Hedy Lamarr, Michaela Melian
gRAdIeNtBOW-2-your-masters, Petra Cortright
Zappos Selbstdarstellung, Joel Holmberg


Our New Library, Penelope Umbrico
Untitled, Miranda Lichtenstein
The Joy of Collecting…Found Photographs, Brian Bellot
Facebook, Wendy White
Race Card, Wayne Hodge
Psychotronic GIFs, Tom Moody
Public Art & Collaboration, Bruce High Quality Foundation
FOSSILS & MINERALS–Teleportation, Kari Altmann
Do Attempt This At Home, Stephanie Diamond
20 Archetypes, Kevin Zucker
Stock Photography Watermarks as the Presence of God, Kevin Bewersdorf
The Undead, Saul Chernick


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