Living and Sustaining a Creative Life

by Paddy Johnson and Matthew Leifheit on February 12, 2014 The L Magazine


This week at the L Magazine, I talk about Sharon Louden’s book tour for Living and Sustaining a Creative Life. An excerpt below:

During the panel, which included collector Wynn Kramarsky, artist Michelle Grabner and Winkleman, the gallerist made clear just how unusual Payot’s position was, disputing the idea that lifetime relationships with artists were realistic in this market. “Most artists’ careers are only profitable for four-to-five years,” he said. Winkleman also told us that famed dealer Jeffrey Deitch told him in 2003 that he’d never work with an artist who had a day job. But that’s also unrealistic. Who, other than trust fund kids, could afford to do that? Most gallerists simply expect artists to work jobs flexible enough to accommodate a studio practice.

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