Hire an Art Flipper on Craigslist!

by Corinna Kirsch on April 2, 2014 · 2 comments Blurb

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Nobody likes an art flipper, but popularity aside, the number of companies who want to make a quick buck off art is growing. We just spotted a new one on Craigslist.

Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Assets, a company based in Rhode Island, is seeking new investors (that could be you!) in the world of fine art. It’s hard to figure out exactly what they’re looking for in a client, but like any good company, they claim to know what they’re doing—they have a system. It’s called the “COELHO Method,” based on the advice of artist and Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Assets employee Dennis Akervik Coelho.

Alas, Chad Jase Fine Art and Tangible Assests does not yet have enough believers in the method. They’re looking for more over on Craigslist. Specifically, they want:

  • Shareholders to help fund one of the six galleries they plan on opening.
  • Clients who need help with flipping artwork. “We handle all of your art needs … [like] placing works at auction at the right time for best return on investment.”
  • Investors who want “portfolio incentives such as asset incentives for every fifty thousand dollars invested into your portfolio. [W]e add five thousand in tangible assets to show that we value our collectors/investors and that we are confident in what we do.”

If you’re still not convinced on why you should be investing in the COELHO Method, there’s 2,410 words explaining the matter over on Craigslist.


Andrew April 3, 2014 at 9:36 am

Nothing says “good investment” like bad punctuation and grammar. I’m in!

Dr. Leeland Roth April 23, 2014 at 11:27 pm

Well you see we use assistants that have learning disabilities, when was the last time you did anything for humanity, besides hide behind a computer and critique the efforts of those who actually help people? What have you contributed to humanity? I believe you are picking on the wrong guy. Try Gordon Fox, Or people like that. I have supported Mr. Coelhos efforts and have seen nothing but positive results. Why would you want to pick on someone seeking investors for great ideas? I would suggest you reconsider or I will fund a legal battle for him.

Let me know when you have walked in my shoes. Do yourself a favor either help progress people or shut the hell up; the reason this country is screwed up is because of people like you and these rags from people who have never done anything to solve current problems. Either find another toy to play with or hire an expensive attorney, because I would love nothing better than to bury you in legal briefs. Lets see: I have attended six graduations of my charges that were when they came to my programs, involved in gangs, living on the streets, two who were sexually abused. And what is it that you have done again to further the lives of people.


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