Really Expensive GIF Now on Sale at Ebay

by Paddy Johnson on September 1, 2014 · 1 comment GIF of the Day

Koons dog GIF

“Balloon Dog Deflated” by Michael Green

The price of GIFs is going up. Nicolas Sassoon’s GIF “Waterfall 6” sold for $1,300 at the Paddles On! auction last year. Now, artist Michael Green hopes to beat that price on ebay, starting his Jeff Koons homage—a balloon dog GIF excerpted from his luxury.obj series—at $2,000. The artist lists the retail at $5,800, a reference to the $58 million dollar Koons dog auction price at Christie’s last year and writes in a statement below the piece that the purchase of this GIF would be “historic”. Why? Because, of course, if one artist makes $5,800 on a GIF, then so too will others. It’s a domino effect,  with, um, one domino. Just look at how many imitator potato salad kickstarter campaigns similarly made 55K. Anyway, collectors—hop to it.  The future of the net art market is in your hands. The auction closes today at 2:35 pm EST. Hat tip: Rich Oglesby

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platetone September 2, 2014 at 5:05 pm

I just used Right Click… Save As… to increase my net worth by $5800!

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