This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Throw Your Art Career in MoMA’s Dumpster

by Whitney Kimball on October 20, 2014 Events

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You won’t hear us bitching about Chelsea this week, which, given the last month, is probably a relief for all our readers. We’ll be more than occupied with protests, generative artworks, Bushwick Expo, video blowouts, and televisual operas. You can also expect to hear no end of promo for our auction, which ends —->THURSDAY, Thursday, Thursday!<—–

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The New School

55 West 13th Street, Room 1202
4-9 PMWebsite

Cultural Production During BDS

Bravo to the New School for taking on BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel) as a topic. What may seem like a relatively remote concern for New Yorkers has been a source of heated debate (rightly so) which institutions on all levels have been careful to avoid. (See our interview on one attempt at Palestinian solidarity.) This event in particular wonders if boycotts are even productive, like the one where artists pulled out of a show at Technion, Israel’s largest producer of drones and major weapons supplier.

Little Berlin

2430 Coral Street
7 PMWebsite

“Heavily Scripted” and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

Net art is not the most popular art form in Philadelphia, so it’s nice to see curator Lee Tusman broach the subject in “Heavily Scripted: Generative Art and Bots” at Little Berlin, the Philly art collective which once boasted Transfer Gallery founder Kelani Nichole. (This doesn’t have any real connection to this show, but it’s caché nonetheless.) For the show, Tusman has assembled a selection of artist-made bots and auto-generated artworks. My favorite description is Tega Brain’s “Post The Met,” which automatically posts images from the Met on Craigslist’s antiques section, requesting that users make an offer. (The Met flagged the posts.)

Anyway, that show is ongoing through the 25th. But unrelatedly, tonight you can stop by Little Berlin to watch “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” with a live score. So much better than Netflix.



1133 Avenue of the Americas
7 PMWebsite

Greening the Economy

The ICP continues its series of conversations on climate change. Tonight we hear from high-level environmental and economic advisors about how we can encourage investment in renewable energy.

Panelists are Philippe Burke, Apache Capital Management; David Foster, Senior Advisor to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and co-founder of the BlueGreen Alliance; Micah Kotch, Director of NY Prize and Strategic Advisor for Innovation at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA); and David Levine, co-founder and CEO, American Sustainable Business Council.
Moderator: Arthur Lerner-Lam, Deputy Director, Center for Climate and Life, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University.

$15 General Admission, $10 Members



28 Lawton St #1
7 PMWebsite

Videobomb the ho_se

If you think there’s no more punk left in Brooklyn, then go to this: slightly anarchic, punky video artists Miles Planz and Ginny Benson will be bombing the Ho_se with videos, probably with material that’s aesthetically raw and nonlinear and challenging and totally uninhibited. If you are up for that, the Facebook event description says it all:

Irresponsible video garden blowout. Dozens of artists screening dozens more videos. One of the last shows at the Ho_se before it becomes a Walgreens.

PERFORMANCES: Alaina Stamatis, A Woman’s Touch

PHOTOBOOTH: Miles Pflanz

Heather Benjamin
Ginny Benson
Laura Blüer
Nick Brujos
Future Death Toll
Zak Hall
Dan Herschlein
Becca Kaufman
Tabitha Keller
Nick Klein
Asha Man
Chelsea Marks
Ariele Max
Forrest Mcculler
Monica Mirable
James Moore
Gianni Onassis/Hattie Ball
Miles Pflanz
Rivka Rose
Am Schmidt
Kat Schneider
Andrew Shirley
Zefrey Throwell
Tiny Leg
Elspeth Walker
Amanda Wong
Jody Wood
Ale Velasco
Adam Void


Pace Gallery

32 East 57th Street

FIERCE CREATIVITY: Artists For Peace and Justice

Chuck Close and Jessica Craig-Martin have pulled out all the stops in organizing this giant benefit fundraiser for Artists for Peace and Justice, an organization for sustainable development in Haiti that runs a free academy for impoverished Haitian children, a free arts and technology university, and funds a hospital in Port-au-Prince. Forty-seven blue-chip artists, including Kara Walker, Damien Hirst, and Urs Fischer, have all donated work. 100 percent of the proceeds go to Artists for Peace and Justice.

Note that this is the uptown location for Pace.




The Art F City Writer’s Auction

The clock’s a-ticking, readers, to bid on the auction items for the official Art F City “Writer’s Auction.” If you like what you’re reading right now, and you have a couple thousand dollars to blow, why not spend it on a work by, say, Jayson Musson, Ann Hirsch, Alex Da Corte? I, for one, am really bummed that I can’t afford Ann Hirsch’s “Twelve,” her e-novella on a signed, personalized jailbroken iPad, which I believe is an example of contemporary, complex feminism as its best. Bid by Thursday, or forever miss out on works by some of the most promising artists working today.

17 Venues in Bushwick

12-6 PM Website

Bushwick Expo: “Exchange Rates”

It’s a Bushwick blitz! This weekend, a survey of international and local art span seventeen Bushwick spaces in something that has to do with alternative economies. “Exchange Rates” is organized around the idea of different currencies and rates of exchange. Art barters? It’s unclear, but the organizers do note that this is not an art fair. In any case, you get to see a ton of art organized by Bushwick stalwarts Stephanie Theodore, Paul D’Agnostino, Karl England, Ben Street, and Charlie Levine.

The event runs through Sunday. Click through the event link for participating venues.

The New School

66 Fifth Avenue
6-9 PMWebsite

“My Brooklyn” Screening

Don’t want to see a repeat of the Williamsburg waterfront? Then go check out “My Brooklyn” at the New School.

The film gives a first-person gentrifier’s account in understanding her place in her borough and more specifically the Fulton Mall area while weaving in historical footage, interviews, and personal reflection. The film also features urban planner Tom Angotti, whose book New York For Sale is a definitive volume on the life and death of community-based planning in this city—pretty much summing up how New York got to the point it has today. If you’re trying to save your neighborhood, this book’s history on the ins and outs of the New York development machine with save you a ton of time.


AUX Performance Space

319 North 11th Street, 3rd Floor
8 PMWebsite

ESP TV Taping

Whitney here: I’m going to push you all to come out to the finale of my curatorial performance series “SCHMARTWORLD” in Philadelphia, because objectively, this is going to be the best thing ever. ESP TV has assembled a performance line-up from Philly and elsewhere, and it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve seen in the past couple of years: chromakey makeovers by Erica Prince and a Televisual Opera by Rachel Mason, on stage sets by Peter Burr. This is an experimental TV blow-out, and you can watch them tape it live.

-Rachel Mason’s “The Lives of Hamilton Fish” Televisual Opera
-Mv Carbon
-Video Stage Sets by peter burr
-Dance Performance by No Face Performance Group
-ChromaKey Makeovers by Erica Prince
-Shirley Clarke’s “The Tee Pee Video Space Troupe: The First Years”
Video by Andrew Jeffrey Wright & Rose Luardo

This is going to be a giant fucking bonanza, you guys. Here’s a photo of me with a Rocky Impersonator at Jenny Drumgoole’s performative lecture last weekend:


You gotta come see this.



22-25 Jackson Ave
Long Island City
12-6 PMWebsite

Art Amnesty

Artists: Stop oppressing everybody, and yourselves, and retire publically at PS1 on Sunday where Bob and Roberta Smith has put out a call for all of you to quit. Artists are invited to show their work one last time in PS1’s second floor galleries before throwing it away in the museum’s dumpsters which will be emptied unceremoniously throughout the show. But it’s not a total loss; those who commit to a pledge “I PROMISE NEVER TO MAKE ART AGAIN” get an “I AM NO LONGER AN ARTIST” badge!

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