The Internet Arcade: All Your Favorite Arcade Games Are Back

by Whitney Kimball on November 4, 2014 Internet + Newswire

Champion Boxing, 1982, on the Internet Arcade

Champion Boxing, 1982, on the Internet Arcade

This has been a good season for Internet archiving. Last month, Rhizome announced Colloq, a data recorder which will recreate defunct social networks. Last week, we got to relive Windows93. Now, the Internet Archive, the organization which brought us the Wayback Machine, has enabled us to play all the maze games of our youth through the Internet Arcade. The collection recreates 902 arcade games, from 1970 through the 1990s, in JSMESS software. It is totally awesome.

Remember Beezer, or Do! Run Run? Me neither, but you can play those along with Indiana Jones, Pacman, and Frogger. So far, the games don’t run for us in Safari. We’re in Chrome, but they recommend Firefox. Yes, they have Paperboy. Personally, I foresee myself spending a good chunk of the workday in Samuri.

Press 5 to insert coin. No time to waste. Go.

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