AFC Road Trip: Reviews From Atlanta to Abu Dhabi

by The AFC Staff on December 2, 2014 Recommendations + Reviews

In some cases we traveled very far away.

In some cases we traveled very far away.

In November, Paddy went to Abu Dhabi and was followed around by butlers the entire time. Corinna went to Chicago and stayed in an Airbnb with a skateboard hanging over her bed. Whitney went to Atlanta and exclusively ate at Hooters. She recommends the wings on salad. While they were there, they also saw some art. Here are their reports, and more!


Cary Loren and  Jimbo Easter at the People's Biennial, MoCAD (Image courtesy of Robin Dluzen)

Cary Loren and Jimbo Easter at the People’s Biennial, MoCAD (Image courtesy of Robin Dluzen)

Recommended From Detroit: Ed Fraga’s Shadowy Optimism (Closed November 29, 2014)

Recommended From Detroit: The People’s Biennial (Runs through January 4, 2015)

Recommended From Detroit: A Show About Artist Studios, Done Right (Closed November 14, 2014)


"Ondria Tanner and Her Grandmother Window-shopping", Mobile, Alabama, 1956. Gordon Parks (Image courtesy of the High Museum)

Gordon Parks, “Ondria Tanner and Her Grandmother Window-shopping,” Mobile, Alabama, 1956. (Image courtesy of the High Museum)

At the High Museum, Rediscovered Civil Rights Photos Are Current as Ever (Runs through June 7, 2015)


What Is Social Practice Anyways? A Look at Chicago’s “A Lived Practice” (A Proximity of Consciousness: Art and Social Action runs through December 20, 2014)

New York

Screengrab from MoMA's video of Robert Gober's "Untitled", 1997 (Image courtesy of MoMA)

Screengrab from MoMA’s video of Robert Gober’s “Untitled”, 1997. (Image courtesy of MoMA)

Who’s Throwing Art Away? A Visit to Bob and Roberta Smith’s Art Amnesty (Runs through March 8, 2015)

Recommended Show: Samara Golden’s “The Flat Side of the Knife” (Runs through August 30, 2015)

Recommended Shows: Fin de Siècle and Sara Greenberger Rafferty (Closed: Fin de Siècle, SGR runs through December 21, 2014)

Recommended Shows: Robert Gober at MoMA and Cartoons at the SculptureCenter (RG runs through January 18, 2015; Puddle, pothole, portal runs through January 5, 2015)

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Art: An Intimate Art Fair Experience (Closed November 8, 2014)

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