Opening Night Recap From Rachel Stern’s “Nude Artists as Pandas” Exhibition

by The AFC Staff on December 11, 2014 Events + Pandas


The most amazing exhibition. Ever.

The prints are here! Tuesday night Art F City launched our one-night-only exhibition and reception for Rachel Stern’s “Nude Artists as Pandas” at Sargent’s Daughters. One of New York’s fastest-rising stars, Stern has shown at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Invisible-Exports, and Humble Arts Foundation. This summer, she spent two months in Maine, at one of the world’s most prestigious residencies, Skowhegan.

The launch attracted art-worlders in Stern’s series, such as Martha Wilson, Nayland Blake, Jason Andrews, and Allegra LaViola; other luminaries in attendance included luminaries like William Powhida, Ben Davis, and Kat Griefen. All were recorded for posterity by photographer Christian Grattan.

The series above is available as a suite of 12 limited-edition photographs or as individual prints. For purchase options visit our donation page. For more information reach out to


nude artists as pandas downstairs sign

No one will get lost.

several of the prints

Clockwise from left to right: Marc Swanson, the AFC staff, Rebecca Patek, Allegra LaViola, Jason Andrew, and Rollin Leonard.

another install

More nude pandas.

mike and claire print

Up close with Mike and Claire, Mr. and Ms. April in the Panda Calendar.

The Nude Artists as Pandas calendar debuts!

The Nude Artists as Pandas calendar debuts!

signed calendar

wrapping up a print

Artist Rachel Stern wrapping up a Martha Wilson print.


looking at art

the party scene

More crowd

pasties print and girl

Photographer Rachel Stern’s sister (and pasties model), Hannah Stern

other people i don't know

marsha paddy rich person'

From left to right: Marsha Owett, Paddy Johnson, and Kim Hall

saul chernick showing off his two calendars

Artist Saul Chernick showing off not just one, but TWO panda calendars he now owns!

carol cole martha wilson

Carol Cole Levin, left, in conversation with Martha Wilson

jason andrew abs

Jason Andrew, who we nominated in 2012 for “Most Powerful Person in the Art World, by Bench Press,” shows Paddy why he should have won.

rich people

Kim Hall and friend.

ben macaulay hair

Panda Calendar Horoscope Editor Ben Macaulay has incredible hair. One day it will be revered in the Met’s sculpture galleries.

corinna looking with martha wilson

AFC Senior Editor Corinna chats with fellow-panda Martha Wilson about the pros and cons of being a panda.


Rhett Jones of Animal New York

showing off the calendar

Chloe Wyma, Shane Ferro, and Julia Halperin get a page-by-page tour of the calendar.

nayland and martha in front of her work

Martha Wilson and Nayland Blake pose in front of their panda portraits.

paddy and marina

The critics: Marina Galperina and Paddy Johnson

martha wilson nayland blake jason andrew

Panda trio: Martha Wilson, Nayland Blake, and Jason Andrew

the blog

Obligatory staff shot, from left to right: Senior Editor Whitney Kimball, Artistic Director Paddy Johnson, and Senior Editor Corinna Kirsch

artists and the blog

Clockwise from left to right: Jen Catron, Ben Macaulay, Whitney Kimball, Paddy Johnson, Paul Outlaw, and Corinna Kirsch


William Powhida in conversation with Allegra LaViola

ben davis allegra viola

Allegra LaViola with artnet critic Ben Davis

adam and corinna

Corinna Kirsch, Adam Owett

julia chloe shane

Julia Halperin, Chloe Wyma, and Shane Ferro, pre-panda hat


shane chloe julia best

Now, with panda hats!

Group photo!

Group photo!

some guy

Professor and artist Graham Guerra with Rachel Stern

the pasties







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