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I”m @gallerist and I had a greaaaat time at the Independent Art fair! I saw a lot of #art, but I was more impressed by my fellow @Gallerists and their booth Setups! #furniture #art #gallery #elizabethdee #white #postinternet #flip #market #art

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At art fairs, its all about how you sit!!!!

Here, the lovely bubs from Praz-Delavallade made due with what they had. No table? No problems!

This setup created a very interesting tension: by playing it down, their literal laptop aesthetic became a focal point of their space. Strong legs posing voraciously in open air, unencumbered by the jail of wood. Or whatever.

Conversely, the Modern Institute (below) went lush. Who likes flowers yaaaaa!!!

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Taking a maximalist approach to prove their dominance, the gallerists at the Modern Institute developed their space as a statement.

Empty water and Mexican Coke bottles were strewn across a table like dog shit on Chelsea pavements. Who wants an iPad? You need an iPad? We have 4 fucking iPads and a can of mixed nuts. A bag of off-brand cheetos rests lightly on a illustrated vase of tulips while a framed piece sneakily hides a brown paper bag beneath the table. These guys weren’t Fucking around1##!

3 arjun
Sometimes, a well placed piece of refuse can really put a finishing touch on an art fair booth table. A unique wrapper, a crumpled receipt, a discarded artisan tissue.

Here, a gallerist from David Lewis shows off her kind contribution to their display. It softly throws the buyer off and leads them to think…“Hey.”
4 arjun

For example, take the cheeky buggers at Artists Space. A subtly stained coffee lid doubled as a comfortable paperweight laid atop the gallery’s publication. It was casual, yet precise. It screamed “whatever” but whispered “no, really.” Damn, it feels good to be an aesthete.

5 arjun

Much of the fair’s best work was hiding, or at least attempting to hide. Here, a playfully stacked pair of coffee cups sit beneath a clear glass table. One can summarize the true weight of a gallery by merely viewing what lies upon their bench. What did they bring, and why? Furthermore, what do they do with the things that they brought that they realized they don’t need?

6 arjun

The fair becomes a lovely game of hide and I’ll find you. The loveable lowercase nutcases at kurimanzutto gallery snuck a bin of almonds and a Vita Coco under a chair.

7 arjun

Meanwhile, large oil drums stood around their space, mimicking and satirizing the roving buyers, like slowly moving glaciers filled with a sharp decisiveness and an overall emotion of “mmmmwell…” These guys sure are nuts I LOve them!!!212 #art

8 arjun

Galerie Nagel Draxler kept it business casual with this two-tone bench juxtapozed by what seemed to be an oversized black oven mitt. This setup is perfect for young, hip gallerists who want to come off as busy multitaskers while they slide into DMs.

The connotative comfort of the bench paired with the utilitarian use of it as a dang table makes this scene both inviting and uninviting. Hey1 THe #art’s Great!!! HAHAahHAs

arjun 8

Talk about utilitarian tho! CLEARING gallery kept it clean with a blue cooler, displaying nothing more than the fair guide, a packed print and a few business cards. This helped clear up room for jaunty foot postures and even jauntier conversations. And they gave me weird looks! I loved it!!@ #belgians

9 arjun

All in all, we can agree that White Columns can sit down. Really, guys? Champagne in a bucket? Sweaters everywhere? Art on the ground? What I learned is that it’s best to keep it simple, elegant, with a splash of intrigue. People are here to look at the art…I think.


Anyway, I’m thirsty. Who’s buyin’?

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yarlo konit March 6, 2015 at 10:03 pm

imo the finest art can be found in the bottom left corner of one of these dealers scratchpads, as she doodles stars, squiggles and $$$$$$$ http://i.imgur.com/ZAG35HV.png

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