Jake Sollins Report: The Armory Show 2015

by Jake Sollins on March 9, 2015 Art Fair

Art fairs put viewers in a dazed-like state. Literalizing this feeling by using a dreamlike soundtrack of synth music, Jake Sollins overlays interview sound footage on photographs from the Armory Show and found video footage of related material; a dog painting a painting; Andy Warhol telling an interviewer he’d like to blabber and an art heist in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Sollins interviews everyone and anyone—from the intellectually astute collectors of glass art to more tentative art-lovers who are afraid to touch anything that might break—asking hard-hitting questions like: “Do you buy art?” Answer: “Yes, but don’t tell my wife.” Other interview questions asked of the crowd include—

SOLLINS: If you bought these, where would you put them?
BUYER: In storage, along with most of the other art.


SOLLINS: Why do you like this piece?
GALLERIST: Some things that you are attracted to might not actually be good for you.

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