A Few Brief Thoughts on The Met Gala Memes

by Paddy Johnson on May 5, 2015 Newswire



Pizza never goes out of style #rihanna #metgala (@girlwithnojob)

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I normally leave the meme tracking to the experts over at Hyperallergic, but because I got into making a few of them yesterday during the Met Costume Gala, I’m now a little more invested. And let’s face it—the memes of Rihanna’s yellow dress this year were so weird they’re worth at least a little reflection. An observation:

I’ve been talking with Tom Moody about what transforms memes into art, and he tells me that at Dump.fm, the online image chat room, these things would need to be paired by an artist with something that identified them as “art”. In other words, adding a pizza to Rihanna’s dress is good entertainment, but you’d need to do something more to “artify” the thing. Fair enough. In this case, then, its preferable celebrate the meme for its creative brilliance without dragging it into an art context.  You gotta admit that pizza is pretty great.

Anyway, another iteration of the meme below, but there’s a lot of these things—many of which include scrambled eggs. This Big Bird growth, though, is a favorite. 

No idea who’s responsible for this gem, but well done nonetheless! #metgala #nyc #rihanna #bigbird #fashion A photo posted by ️ Cultural Flanerie (@culturalflanerie) on

Okay, this next pairing of eggs and Sarah Jessica Parker flames is hilarious.

And lastly, for good measure, here’s a “Who Wore it Best” inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker’s ridiculous headdress.

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