This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Gaze and Gayze

by The AFC Staff on May 18, 2015 Events

Vincent Tiley at Zones Art Fair in Miami, Florida, 2014.

Vincent Tiley at Zones Art Fair in Miami, Florida, 2014.

We’re writing this on May 18, otherwise known as Art Museum Day! Confusingly, May 18 happened to fall on a Monday this year, a day of the week when most museums are closed. Consequently, the week is now peppered with different institutions observing this most holy of holidays with different promotions and programming on different days. The exception is the Bronx Museum of the Arts, which is open on Monday and offering discounted membership. Outside of the museums, look forward to a Thursday night with exhibitions about either the male gaze or male gays, and a Saturday night at PS1 that looks like it’ll be good, weird fun.

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The Bronx Museum of the Arts

1040 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10456
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Website

Art Museum Day 2015

It’s Monday, so most museums in New York are closed. But not the Bronx Museum, which is free today in celebration of Art Museum Day.



58 Kent Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222
7:15 p.m. sharp!Website

Talking Shop: Paola Antonelli and Yancey Strickler on Design

Everyone likes Paola Antonelli—she’s a down-to-earth design curator who can have a conversation on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) just as easily as a boardroom lecture. She’s been responsible for broadening MoMA’s design collection to include video games and the “@” symbol. On Tuesday, she’ll chat with Kickstarter founder Yancey Strickler on emerging trends in design.

This talk has already sold out, but you can reserve tickets on the waitlist.

The City College of New York, Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice (DIAP) Studio Space

Shepard Hall, room 408
160 Convent Ave.
New York, NY 10031 (Daytime event: begins at 12:30 p.m.)Website

Money Talks: The Price of Value

Assets: they can be traded, manipulated, and speculated upon. Art, too, follows some of the same rules as other asset classes. Come take a lunch break and hear Bard College visiting faculty member Suhail Malik and Armory Show director Noah Horowitz on “the price of value,” specifically as it pertains to the art market.

El Museo del Barrio

1230 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10029
11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Website

Art Museum Day 2015

From Tuesday through Saturday this week, El Museo del Barrio will be free. It’s just a perk of Art Museum Day.


Fridman Gallery

287 Spring Street
New York, New York 10013
6:30 p.m. Website

Artists in Conversation With Barbara London

Barbara London, the video-art/sound-art/new-media curatorial rockstar, talks to Anna K.E., Dana Levy, and Marilyn Minter. We haven’t seen Enchanted Space yet, but with a lineup like this, it sounds like a surefire win.

The Chocolate Factory Theater

5-49 49th Avenue
Queens, New York 11101
Wednesday through Saturday, 8:00 p.m.Website

The Future Was Looking Better in the Past...

I’m afraid to see Rebecca Patek’s latest performance. The last work I saw satirized art-speak while examining the lives of two rape victims. It culminated in the most fucked-up live sex scene I’ve ever seen. Now, she’s examining murder. Let’s pray there is no actual blood or scenes so visceral they make us all vomit. Patek’s piece is inspired by the 1924 story of two students who kidnapped and murdered a 14-year-old boy for the thrill of it. She notes in her promo video that one of the students was her cousin. (Paddy)

Sargent's Daughters

179 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002
6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Website

Deborah Kass: America's Most Wanted, 1998 - 1999

For this show, Kass draws on art history and makes a little of her own. Her series “America’s Most Wanted” takes its cues from Andy Warhol’s screenprint series picturing 13 of the New York Police Department’s most wanted men but with a twist: she photographed famous curators instead. But where as Warhol’s subjects held an eerie sex appeal, many of Kass’s subjects do not. Despite their allure to the art world, these professionals are presented as though they truly are victims of their profession.

Kass started the series in 1992 and ran it until 2000. This show represents two years of that work, 1998-1999.


City Bird Gallery

191 Henry Street
New York, New York 10002
8:00 p.m. Website

Vincent Tiley: Look at the Moon

This exhibition is titled after the first sentence the artist ever spoke as a child, which is adorable. And also appropriate, as Tiley’s practice centers around the gaze…and sometimes features butts. Incorporating or referencing garments in 2D and 3D artworks, he evokes the body in all its lumpy, awkward, gaze-worthy glory.

Stream Gallery

1196 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
7:00 - 10:00 p.m. Website

Leah Schrager: The Male Gayze

Leah Schrager is known for her sexy web-persona, the Naked Therapist. Clothes be damned when you’re trying to get to the root of people’s inner problems! A whole smattering of Schrager’s work will be on view at Stream Gallery, ranging from 2011 videos from Naked Therapist sessions to newer, photographic work—perhaps similar to her work included in Body Anxiety, an online exhibition which debuted in January of this year, and was curated by Leah Schrager and Jennifer Chan.



22-01 Jackson Avenue
Long Island City, New York 11101
10:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.Website


The fourth incarnation of POSTSCRIPT, the performance series hosted at PS1’s print shop, looks to be the best/weirdest/most fun yet. Hosted by Bernard Herman, the evening features performances by corporate-aesthetics meets face-tattoos culture jammer SOFIA RETA, genre-bending dance duo FlucT, James K. (PET), Niko Solorio, and M. Lamar, a musician inspired by “blackness” ranging from African-American spirituals to black metal.

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