Your Guide to the Bushwick-ocalypse: Bushwick Open Studios

by Paddy Johnson Michael Anthony Farley Corinna Kirsch on June 3, 2015 Events

Get ready to Bushwick. Image courtesy of Free Williamsburg.

Get ready to Bushwick. Image courtesy of Free Williamsburg.

Bushwick Open Studios starts on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday. There is a lot to see, with artist studios, gallery exhibitions, and an art fair. We’ve made a guide to help you go forth, and weave your way through the crowds. Good luck!

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Björn Meyer-Ebrecht's Studio

1182 Flushing Ave.
Brooklyn, NY
7:00 PM to 10:00 PMWebsite

Common Room

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht’s studio has become one of the must-see studio shows of Bushwick Open Studios. Initially, Meyer-Ebrecht showed off only his own work, book covers embedded in walls and clean collages of furniture amongst them, each standing out from the crowd for their formal resolution. But last year the artists began curating shows featuring work of his friends, and that drew in even more attention, perhaps because he built a table specifically to show off the work he curated. Now in its second year, the artist has constructed a room within a room to showcase artist work—each of which offers a window that creates different types of views. Lots of names that should be familiar here: Sharon Butler of the blog Two Coats of Paint, and Adam Parker Smith, an artist who might be best known for his sculptures of foam vaginas. Can’t wait to see what kind of windows he’s got in store.

TRAIN: Jefferson L


41 Varick Avenue 303


Do you like feminism? How about untangling conspiracy theories? The collective mind of Art F City critics suggest that you will quite enjoy yourself visiting and chatting with artists Carla Gannis (digital and fan of emojis and Wonder Woman), Nicholas Cueva (who probably knows more about spiritual archaeologist Klaus Dona than any other artist), and Liliya Lifanova (who’s had one of her performances presented by the World Chess Hall of Fame).

Participating artists: Rose Marie Cromwell, James Moore, Liliya Lifanova, Carla Gannis, and Nicholas Cueva

TRAIN: Morgan L

Studio 10

56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY
7:00 PM to 9:00 PMWebsite

Tightrope Walking Over Delusions Swampland

A show of abstraction by Bushwick overachievers. Expect painting, collage, and corporate logos and designs lifted from scarves. Painters include: Rochelle Feinstein, Munro Galloway, Larry Greenberg, Suzanne Joelson, and Adam Simon.  Curated by Michele Araujo.


The Common

2 St. Nicholas Avenue, Floor 2
7:00 PM - 9:00 PMWebsite

Swingers WKND // Works by Artist Couples

Even with the explanation that this show’s title refers to “a free flowing discourse within a communal space,” an artistic orgy, this show’s title, Swingers, has us scratching our heads. It’s a collection of work by married artist collaboratives assembled by organizers Tribble & Mancenido. The lineup looks promising regardless; we’ve covered at least half the artists in this list. Objects from the couple’s homes will be displayed with their works as well.

The show includes work by Russell Tyler & Trudy Benson, Ethan Greenbaum & Sun You, Heather Rasmussen & Julian Hoeber, Gina Magid & Ryan Steadman, Tribble & Mancenido, Carrie Yamaoka & Joy Episalla, Holly Coulis & Ridley Howard, Graham Collins & Jennie Jieun Lee, Jennifer Coates & David Humphrey, Saira McClaren & Mike Hein and Tamara Zahaykevich & Grant Huang.

TRAIN: Jefferson L

The Commons

2 St. Nicholas Avenue
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Rachel Stern: A Certain Age

Our favorite photographer has a show up at The Commons during Bushwick Open Studios. And just because she shot our “Nude Artists as Pandas”calendar doesn’t mean we’re biased. We asked her to produce the calendar for us because we loved how crazy her photographs are, and these look disturbing. Above is a golden head of hair on a stick—it’s called “The Severed Head of the Princesse de Lamballe as seen from Marie Antoinette’s Jail Cell.” The second image in the diptych pictures a pair of plastic breasts in blood. Consider yourself warned.

This show is presented by Humble Arts Foundation.

TRAIN:  Jefferson L

Orgy Park

237 jefferson st. 1B
6 PM - 10 PM Website

It’s Unlikely

This show gets a listing because we love the strange Americana photography of Nat Ward. This particular work we know less about—it’s a mix of process-based abstraction, landscape photography, and installation work. No theme so far as we can tell, just good work.

TRAIN: Morgan L or Jefferson L

Good Work Gallery

1100 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
7:00 PM - 10:00 PMWebsite

The Sorcerer/Apprentice

Artists Karl Gitter, Scott Goodman, and Joshua Caleb Weibley met on the job. Gitter needed some vinyl signage, Goodman needed some help producing it. Since that first job in 2011, these artists have kept in touch. The title mostly refers to the age gap and mentor/mentee relationship.

Anyway, this show gets a listing because we like geometric abstraction, simplified shapes and forms, and architecturally influenced work, and that’s what these guys do.


TRAIN: Kosciuszko J

The Buggy Factory

14 Kossuth Place
Brooklyn NY

The Dorado Project Presents De Colores

Here’s a show organized around a simple theme: Color. Good enough for us! The participating artist list: Inna Babaeva, Andrea Bergart, Jennifer Ditacchio, Ben Godward, Doreen McCarthy, Anne Russinof, and Denise Treizman.

TRAIN: Kosciuszko J

Space Available

1329 Willoughby Ave

Space Available

Boy, Bushwick Open Studios is really producing large returns for those who love large-scale abstract painting and sculpture this year. There’s so much of it. Of these shows, we’re recommending Space Available for the same reason we recommend anything else; the artist list is strong. Check it:

Antonia Perez, Christopher Dunlap, Dan Crews, Dennis Bellone, Gilbert Hsiao, Lilian Kreutzberger, Jason Karolak, Jeff Feld, Jim Osman, Mark Sengbusch, Natalia Zubko, Paul Corio, and Rob De Oude

Curated by Paul Corio, Rob De Oude

TRAIN: Jefferson L

Los Ojos

12 Cypress Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Friday: 4:00 - 8:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday: 12:00 - 6:00 PMWebsite

Kyle James Dunn & Sarah Elise Hall

Kyle Dunn’s sculptural paintings are great. They remind me of the pseudo-scientific anatomical cross-sections you see in commercials for skincare products or fat-burning pills. Instead of feeling clinical and authoritative, though, these feel DIY and vulnerable. They have an endearing awkwardness that can just as easily register as an alien landscape than an internal world.

Train: Jefferson L



229 Cook Street
Brooklyn, NY
6 PM - 8 PMWebsite

Victory Over the Sun

Op-art-like paintings by Mary Judge and Gilbert Hsiao that riff on influences from Suprematism and the de Stijl movements. Expect symmetry, geometric abstraction, and the illusion of movement.

TRAIN: Morgan L


Le Chien Qui Rit

979 Willoughby Avenue
8 PM

Extra Good Nightmare II

We’re not entirely sure what to expect from this group show. It features a group of prolific, unpredictable artists who dabble in performance, object-making, and appropriation. The show features projects by Sofia Reta Corporation, Naoki Iwakaw, Greem Jellyfish, PerfectNothingCatalog, James Orlando, Eternal Father, and MIN-US—which could be anything from marketing-inspired photography to a musical performance.

TRAIN: Central M

Norte Maar and The Vazquez Building

(Norte Maar) 83 Wyckoff Avenue, #1B, Brooklyn
(The Vazquez Building), 93 Forrest Street, Brooklyn
11 AM - 2 PM Norte Maar, 9 PM to 1 AM The Vazquez BuildingWebsite

Norte Maar’s 9th Annual Maps-N-Mimosas + BOS Rooftop Dance Party

Norte Maar, a mainstay of Bushwick since it began hosting apartment exhibitions in 2006, celebrates its ninth anniversary with an exhibition and other events. What are those events? There’s “Maps-N-Mimosas,” where you can hang out with the Norte Maar crew as they dish out mimosas and a guide to Bushwick Open Studios. Later on, drink a nightcap or two at a rooftop dance party hosted by DJ jojoSOUL, a DJ who loves to drum and drum at drum circles.

TRAIN: Jefferson L or DeKalb L

The 1986

592 Johnson Avenue
June 6th and 7th 12:00 - 7:00 p.m.Website


In its second year, the NEWD Art Show brings an art fair to Bushwick; unlike major big-top fairs, though, NEWD makes a conscious effort to focus on artists. Resale royalties are encouraged from any galleries participating in the fair, and over half of the artists on view will be female.

The talks schedule looks inspiring, too. More on that in a separate ALL NEWD post TK later today.

TRAIN: Jefferson L

Storefront Ten Eyck

324 Ten Eyck Street
Brooklyn, NY
Reception: 6:00 - 9:00 PM (Gallery open Friday from 5:00 - 9:00 PM; Saturday from 12:00 - 9:00 PM; and Sunday from 12:00 - 9:00 PM) Website


Visit Storefront Ten Eyck before they close for renovations this July. Founded by Bushwick community organizer and artist Deborah Brown, this gallery has become a destination for all Bushwick residents and visitors. Re/Post, a group show of artists who produce images and objects to make works that seem to vibrate in some way.  Curated by Ian Cofre.

Artists: Philip Hackworth Ashley, Pedro Barbeito, Adolfo Bimer, Lydia Dona, Franklin Evans, Alejandro Leonhardt, Fabian Marcaccio, Martha Mysko, Willie Wayne Smith, Rafael Vega

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