That’s Boss: Bruce Nauman Will Have a Retrospective at MoMA

by Corinna Kirsch on July 10, 2015 Newswire

Bruce Nauman was a fountain...before anyone else.

Bruce Nauman was a fountain…before anyone else.

Bruce Nauman is everything, and he did it before anyone else. Cowboy. Clown obsessive. A good boy? Who cruises around to Drake. A conceptual artist for the Star Trek generation. Now we’ll be able to see Nauman in his entirety (not in a porn way, although artist Francesco Vezzoli already did that) because MoMA just today announced a retrospective of the Bruce in all media.

It won’t open until September 2018, but you can also catch a plane to Switzerland in March 2018, when the exhibition opens at Schaulager, MoMA’s partner institution for the exhibition.

We have just one request for the exhibition: Yes, we want all the philosophy-schtick, but please, please, keep in the humor, the terror, the unbelievably bizarre video-art moments, and his secret, artsy pocket-knife collection. Please, include the secret pocket knives!

Bruce Nauman: I really mistrust art that’s just about art.

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