Pink Up Your Life With Rollin Leonard in Rachel Stern’s Limited-Edition Portrait

by Corinna Kirsch on August 3, 2015 Artist Commissions + Fundraiser

Rachel Stern, “Rollin Leonard, (August)”, 2014, c-print, 16 x 20 inches

Say hello to Mr. August. For the Art F City 2015 Panda-Themed Calendar of Artists in the Nude, Rachel Stern created a campy, classical take with her model, artist Rollin Leonard.

Panda hat. A pearl in a shell. Pink candles. Perfect.

Just in time to start decking out your dorm room, office, or even your co-working space with Rachel Stern’s delectable portrait of artist Rollin Leonard. I have one of my own; when I’m teaching this fall, I plan on hanging it up in my office to break the ice with my students.

For a $250 donation, this print can be yours.

Or if you would like to purchase a full portfolio of portraits of art world luminaries in the nude in classical settings, you can do so here for $2,500.

And for people on a budget, it’s still not too late to purchase an Art F City 2015 Panda-Themed Calendar of Artists in the Nude with a $50 donation. You get a set of twelve portraits, including Mike & Claire, Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, and the AFC staff, as well as panda-themed horoscopes by Ben Macaulay. Check out the goodies, below.


Corinna Kirsch and the AFC Staff

16×20 Archival Digital Prints By Rachel Stern

January, Allegra Laviola February, Molly Soda March, Mike and Claire
January Febuary March
Allegra LaViola Molly Soda Mike and Claire


April, Art F City (Corinna Kirsch, Matthew Leifheit, Paddy Johnson, Whitney Kimball) May, Xaviera Simmons June, Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw
April May June
Art F City Xaviera Simmons Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw


July, Jason Andrew August, Rollin Leonard September, Rebecca Patek
July August September
Jason Andrew Rollin Leonard Rebecca Patek


Art F City (October, Martha Wilson) November, Nayland Blake December, Marc Swanson
October November December
Martha Wilson Nayland Blake Marc Swanson


All prints ship by December 9th. Contributions of $50 or above will be tax-deductible via our non-profit sponsor, Flux Factory.

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