Register for Fall Classes at the New-ish BHQFU, New York’s Free School

by Corinna Kirsch on August 10, 2015 Newswire

New Classes! A Student Council! Student curators! The Bruce High Quality Foundation University has launched a whole bunch of fresh happenings at the BHQFU this fall semester—registration begins today, and runs through August 24.

No, it’s not an entirely different U, but there are more acronyms to memorize. Like:

  • STFU (STudents of bhqFU): The first official—and funded—student council at the BHQFU.
  • FUG Fellowship: A group of ten students selected to curate the spring program at FUG (Foundation University Gallery).

This semester, the BHQFU will host more classes (they do tend to fill up pretty quickly) by dividing the semester up into two seven-week sessions. Seven weeks for a class on “Emotional Formalism,” or seven weeks to participate in a competitive art game show, “Chopped, Except That It’s Art Chopped.” Your future is yours to decide…for free.

So don’t stop believing in the FU—it’s one of New York’s free treasures. Not even Cooper Union is free any longer!


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