Donate Early to the AFC Fall Fundraiser for Independence

by The AFC Staff on September 14, 2015 Fundraiser

Animated GIF by Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw

Animated GIF by Jennifer Catron and Paul Outlaw

THE YEAR: 2015. Museum funding is dominated by oil companies and predatory sitcom stars. Commercial galleries are overrun by unwashed hordes of celebrity-driven exhibitions, and universities are giving out honorary doctorates to these same people. Rampant gentrification has caused artist-run galleries to Escape From New York. Art publications are gobbling each other up into monopolies like zombies hungry for brains. Press releases for retrospectives include statements like “Inspiration and innovation equally power Volkswagen Group of America on the road toward the future.”

But on the road toward this dystopian future, there is hopeFiercely independent, relentlessly critical, and tirelessly fighting for truth and justice: the warriors of Art F City have pledged to defend artists and their audiences from the decline of civilization. But we need your help. In the barren wastelands of arts funding, only the strong survive. Our strength: our readers.

October 6, we launch the resistance: The Art F City Fall Fundraiser for Independence on Indiegogo. Today, we ask for your early support. For only $20, a committed alliance of just 1,000 compatriots can match the $20,000 the overlords regularly give in an attempt to guarantee their control of mainstream cultural resources. Your donation ensures that the resistance shall continue, the fight for independence is not in vain!


As a First Donor, you will be listed on AFC’s Fall Fundraiser for Independence: join the Resistance as a first contributor, and you will receive a custom animated GIF with your name by Daniel Wickerham.

Art F City is a registered non-profit in the State of New York.

Header GIF by Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw.

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