The Topic is Ass

by Paddy Johnson on January 15, 2016 Blurb

What is there to say about ass? Not a hell of a lot, but it’s still a worthy point of focus. Enter Naomi Elizabeth’s “The Topic is Ass”, a song that implores us to consider the ass in all its splendor.  Ironically enough, we barely see any ass in her video, though we do see her, scantily clad, in what appears to be an Uber car, as well as in a 3D-rendered, seapunk-styled gallery.

In so far as we can tell, Elizabeth’s deadpan dork humor has thus far flown under the radar. Her biggest hit, “God Sent Me Here To Rock You”, which features her dancing awkwardly in front of an elevator bank and later a file library has only a little over 140,000 views. That number is mostly a result of a reddit posting, where users complained that she wasn’t much of a dancer. We fully and completely disagree.

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