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[Editor’s note: IMG MGMT is a series of image-based essays by artists. This week’s author is Jibz Cameron, a performance/video artist and actor-ish lesbian robot clown living in Los Angeles. Her work as alter ego Dynasty Handbag has been presented at international dives both great and small.]

Hello Fans and Fans I haven’t made yet,

Collage is one of my many talents, though I don’t use it. All of the images you see here were taken by professional photographers in order to promote my performance work. I hope you enjoy this portfolio, documenting my illustrious career as rubberband-bodied mind janitor.

This isn’t to promote a show, more to welcome a new famous child into the world. 

Did you know I was on this show? I mean a lot of actors were on this show, so it’s not a big deal, but it was huge for me.

Promotional photo for Soggy Glasses.  I speak Les Miz, do you?

Photo taken in Sandy Eggo Zoo to promote the hit song “The Lion,” from the album “Cosmic Surgery.”

This was a general poster for worship taken just after I gave birth to my chihuahua Clyde. 

Spring greeting for the fans, with poem:

The Wasteland, by T.S. Eliot and Dynasty Handbag

APRIL is the cruellest month,

breeding, Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing old doggie doo doo bags that have thawed through the greasy snow.

Memory and desire, stirring

Dull roots with spring acid rain that makes.

Winter kept us warm, covering, with Netflix, soup and/or stew and self pity and complaining/bonding.

Earth in forgetful snow, that covers this filthy town with pure whiteness (weird thing to say) feeding

A little life with dried tubers.

what rhymes with Tubers? Lubers? McGrubers? Studebakers?

I made this collage to try and get someone interested in booking me in Berlin.  It didn’t work.  Too soon?

This was taken when I was really feelin down about the universe and its limited ideas about space and time.  

Kickstarter campaign promotional image.  

A poster I made for my show where I play all my family members.  Never again, folks. Never again.

This is Dynasty Handbag as the rageful 10-year-old Broadway star Mallory Stropplecalfs performing in Cabaret.

Swimsuit centerfold image to promote my “reading” at the Poetry Project.  The poem that goes with this image is:

An Oily Day At Fort Tilden, an poem

living in this world

is no day at the beach

when i went to the beach

and I oiled up

I saw an oil down

down into the ground

which made me frowned

what’s on the horizon, you ask your future?

a riggy in the water

penetrating Neptune’s sandy bottom

how I wish I could mount that skrew

top that

blow it up with mine eyes

my tan seemed suddenly…dumb

and the water

was full of bubble tea blobs

were they eggs?

rubbing ‘pon my legs?

or the spawn of armageddeon and on and on

as I departed

i espied some protestors (bless their hearts)

its not going to work, guys

but I ‘preciate it

i would joineth you

but I have to pee

and I am going out for kimchee tacos

Ad to follow me on social media, starring me and Jennifer Grey’s bottom half.

Soggy Glasses promotional lie

Come to my excorcize class!  I’ll give you head.

Here’s a photo of me and my mamma. 100 strokes every night. 

Poster for a fundraiser at Jack Black’s. It was humiliating, but I made so much money.

Ass-imilating into the culture

All of these stupid shows failed to make up for the cost of flying to LA to perform them. 

Death Wish, by Dynasty Handbag

men of new york

I have a story to tell

I am gonna kill you

and send you to hell

Another shot of me and a jungle animal for a Portland Art Show

I did a show with these cool New Yorkers, and I fit right in 

Some press I got for wearing Puggs

I used this image of me and rotten pumpkin friend as a heading logo for an e-blast with another seasonal poem.

The Wasteland, Fall Edition, by Dynasty Handbag

September is the cruelest month, breeding

calendar obligations

back to school is hell

heterosexual couples, mating

Memory and desire, stirring

desperate city squirrels filling cheeks with

acorn shaped trash

the agendas filling up

time to think about what kind of boots to buy

art shows and bullshit

fall preview reads: more time gone by, and you are still nothing

TVs fall season. oh you! time sucker. binge watcher. isolator in your isotoners, lonely toners

Summer was fun, yo! popcicles

…maybe you went to fire isalnd? grilling.

you were nude. now the trees will be.

Earth was in a hot hangout, now go back inside child, and die

our pumpkins will rot

and then it will be winter

die again

Me and Rayna James on ugly couch for a promo for I Never Were Again, A Concert.  She was mad at me that day.

Christmas greeting for the fans. 

Don’t ever go to Santa Barbara, it’s soooooooooooo terrible!

When the student becomes the teacher.   

I performed in San Francisco right after the 49ers’ horrible defeat.  I cheered up the town, tho.

Subtle show announcement for Soggy Glasses.

I can’t remember why I made this.

Hayley Mills and her twin of herself sat with a floating electric vagina for a promotional portrait for my lecture about transparency in my art life. 

An Independence Day greeting and poem:

I, an American, an Poem:

Celebrate independence today.

Unless you are still dependent

on your depends

which depends

for a lot of people with incontinence

but our continents

are free from the dependence

on the UK but not the pUKe

of the same old bile isle

that our four fathers, john paul george and dingo and on to australia, its own incontinent

brought from over there.

If you still depend on your old ways

thats ok

fweedom isn’t fwee

its widing down the fweeway without a helmet!

live fwee or die!

live fwee and die! because you are not wearing a helmet

A show in downtown NYC.  I destroyed!

First selfie after moving to LA!!!  #imcute

If you build it, they will come. I prefer to do nothing, that way I have no expectations and can live without the desire for anything.

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