Dream Job Alert: Rhizome Curators

by Michael Anthony Farley on August 16, 2016 Opportunities

Come work for mastermind

Come work for mastermind Michael Connor…dreamy.

Rhizome is hiring for two curatorial positions as the organization expands its programming. And here’s the good news for all you recent grads: one of them is an entry-level Assistant Curator position, where you’d be working with Artistic Director Michael Connor to “curate the re-performance and narration of” net art. The position, funded by a grant from the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation, is only part-time, but does include benefits. And it’s likely one of the coolest entry-level jobs out there.

Our tip for those who are applying for the job and actually want to get it: research every show Michael Connor has ever put together and form a few opinions. Connor is smart, and you’ll need to know his background to even begin to keep up with him. Then make sure you know Rhizome’s history. This stuff matters not only in a job interview but in doing the job. The more institutional memory you bring to the projects, the easier your job and the better you’ll be at it.

Rhizome is also seeking a full time Software Curator for Systems and Environments. This position would be tasked with the difficult but vital challenge to “conceptualize, create, test, and describe systems to re-enact digital artifacts in order to advance emulation as a preservation strategy.” Unfortunately, so much technology doesn’t outlive the ideas it inspires or supports. As artist-hacked pieces of tech and software age and break, we need new methods of recreating its effects to extend digital artworks’ lifespans. That means a lot of tedious, but essential work for anyone in this position. If you’re up to the job, apply!

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