Pink and Naked as a Pig, Donald Trump (Sculpture) Delights and Terrifies New Yorkers

by Michael Anthony Farley and Corinna Kirsch on August 18, 2016 Public Art Watch

So this happened today. Image courtesy of Indecline.

So this happened today. Image courtesy of Indecline.

Thursday morning, the Internet began flooding with reports of a UFO sighting in Union Square. Onlookers gawked at this UFO (unidentified fat object), with its furious brow, bulbous translucent flesh, and teeny-tiny weenie. They took plenty of pictures and shared them online because, why, the sculpture looked a lot like a naked Donald Trump. Because that’s what the UFO sculpture depicts: a naked Donald Trump.

The sculpture survived for at least two hours in the heat and humidity before being removed by Park officials. They loaded the heavy sculpture into the bed of a truck and left its ass bare to the wind.  

There is still hope for those who hope to catch the simulacrum of Trump—the New York version is only one of several Trumps to have made mysterious landings across cities in the United States.

According to Time Out New York, the statues have so far appeared in San Francisco, Cleveland, Seattle and Los Angeles. The piece is the work of guerrilla sculptor Indecline, who posted the video below of the statues’ fabrication.

Somewhat ironically (and troubling) we can’t seem to find any social media posts from Cleveland, the only swing state city in the bunch. Predictably, it became a popular Instagram subject in its New York City location across the street from a downtown Whole Foods. Similarly, the left-leaning meccas of San Francisco’s Castro, Seattle’s Capitol Hill, and Hollywood seemed to have a heyday documenting the sculpture.

Here’s what was left of the NYC Donald:

#trump #whatsleftofhim #noballs

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Here’s the Donald in the Castro:

#donaldtrump #clone a big hit in #castro this morning.

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Capitol Hill, Seattle:

The Emperor Has No Balls. Capitol Hill, Seattle #INDECLINE

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