Apply for the First Antarctic (Yes, Really) Biennale

by Michael Anthony Farley on August 26, 2016 Opportunities


The craze of exotic international art fairs and biennales has reached peak saturation: there’s now an international biennale in Antarctica. Yes, Antarctica, population: 0.

But that’s not stopping a group of cultural organizers, artists, and utopian thinkers from setting sail for Antarctica with the goal of an anti-nationalist biennale of art, design, and interdisciplinary cooperation.


The organizers are seeking proposals for all types of artworks (including video and performance) to be installed on land, ice, water, or aboard the biennale’s vessel. Selected artists will also represent the Antarctic Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. Mostly, it’s a chance to check out the icy nether regions of the planet while they still exist.

So apply now! Applications close October 3rd, and finalist will be announced later in the month.

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